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Finanțe Internaționale

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Lecture 1: Introduction to International Project Finance
                        Legal framework for Project Finance in Romania (in Romanian only) - click
                        PPP Law in Romania 2010 - click
Lecture 2: Analysis of Project Viability
                        Feasibility study for a project finance (Example) - click
			   Financial Indicators for evaluating projects (World Bank) - click
                        Feasibility study (ONUDI) - click
                        HG 28 / 2008 (Prefeasibility study, feasibility study, budget for projects) - click
	Task 1
Lecture 3: Legal structure for Project Company
	Task 2
Lecture 4: Security Arrangements in International Project Finance
	Task 3
Lecture 5: Project Contracts
Lecture 6: Managing Risks in International Project Finance 
	Task 4
Lecture 7: Optimal capital structure for International Projects
                         Excel Support File for Optimal Capital Structure - click
Lecture 8: Financial Modeling and Evaluation of the Project
	Task 5
Lecture 9: Financing strategies in Project Finance
			   Syndicated loan international market - click
                        Theory of syndicated loans - click
                        Reasons for loan syndication - click
                        Construction of loan syndication - click
Lecture 10: International Financial Institutions and IPF
                        Project finances in Romania financed by EBRD using loan syndication - click
C. Problems and applications for the final test: 
Problems and applications - click            Solutions to the applications - click
D. Case studies (will be discussed in the class):
Eurodisneyland - click
Eurotunnel - click
All other individual case studies (archive) - click
E. Excel worksheets:
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
EBIT and EBITDA calculations
Financing Plan / WACC
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Optimal Capital Structure
F. Bibliography
Project Finance Manual
Fundamentals of Project Finance
Project Finance Trends
Introduction to Project Finance
G. Final test
On-line test - click
List of formula - click

International Project Finance (AES, IPM Master Program, 1st Sem., Year 1)

PhD Associate Professor Cristian PĂUN


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